The One Phrase to Remember When Stress Strikes

Everything is figureoutable

I woke up one morning and thought, “I can’t do this anymore.” As I stared at the blank space on my ceiling, I couldn’t shake the buzzing in my brain that my job wasn’t right for me. It was time for some #realtalk with myself.

I decided it was time to stop sulking. I’d been avoiding taking on the root of this stress, and I knew I had to cut the excuses. I recalled simple and timeless advice: everything is figureoutable.

After an internet research wormhole (you know the type — all day pjs, forgetting to eat lunch — that jazz) I ended the day with clear next steps to get me closer to where I *really* wanted to be. It felt good, really good.

5.18.16 Everything is figureoutableSometimes, when hit a crossroads or feel super stuck, we forget that we *have* the power to get unstuck. We lose sight of how capable we are. We forget that everything is figureoutable.

When I felt caught in a job suck sink hole, I gave myself the time that I needed to think about what I wanted next. No matter what’s got you feeling stuck, I know that you can break free from it, too.

Maybe you’ve had a morning like this one. What’s been buzzing in your brain lately?  Whether it’s job or relationship drama or maybe feeling guilty about not having enough time for exercise, how does it change your mindset when you remind yourself it’s figureoutable?

You are all kinds of capable, and I truly believe that you know what’s best for you. Just think about the possibility that this phrase can hold if you keep it in mind.

Leave a comment below and tell me what this phrase means for you. How will keeping this in mind make a difference?

I know you’ve got this 😉


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