How the Hot Dog Princess Won the Internet

Hot Dog Princess blog 6.8.16

Last week, a little girl in a hot dog costume won over the internet. (If you’re not familiar, you can check out my Facebook post here.)

Her story was featured on Buzzfeed and other outlets with headlines including:

  • Be the Hot Dog Princess You Wish to See in the World
  • Why Not Be a Hot Dog in a World of Princesses?
  • The Girl Genius Who Dressed as a Hot Dog on Princess Day is Going Viral

Why were we all so sucked in by this 5-year-old named Ainsley?

It was Princess Week at dance class, and Ainsley opted to wear a hot dog costume. For her, this was just another day. She had an idea and she went with it. She was supported. Celebrated. Loved.

teacher tweet

Ainsley’s dance teacher’s tweet

Ainsley was authentic, and she left us feeling inspired. She reminded us that making a bold choice can be a heck of a lotta fun. Why *can’t* you be a hot dog in a princess world? Spoiler alert: YOU CAN.

Too often as adults, we judge the crap out of our decisions. We agonize over what others will think. We worry that we’ll be ridiculed, and we forget to trust our instincts. What would happen if you channeled your inner Ainsley?

Ainsley trusted her gut, and she encountered a ton of support. First, from her parents, who let her choose her outfit. Then, her dance teacher, who originally tweeted out the photo in praise. From there, the trend continued. Her classmates. The head of her dance school. The enthusiasm became contagious, and this little girl’s confidence surely continued to grow.

And so, a five-year-old reminded us all of an important life lesson: you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Simply be yourself.

Embrace your inner hot dog princess, ladies.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Ainsley’s choice.


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