6 Reasons to Rethink How You Get Your Groceries

Groceries Delivered blog 6.15.16

I get my groceries delivered and I no longer feel guilty about it. 

I’ve been ordering groceries online for about a year now. When I first started doing it, I felt like it was some sort of too-posh-practice.

Please, you need somebody to bring you your groceries?” I thought. It felt very bougie. Above me.

I mentioned it at my office, and a colleague scoffed, further validating my uneasiness about it. “Jeez, how much money are you making?” he said.

Why did this convenience feel like something reserved for *other* people and not for me?

Really, what’s so bad about getting groceries delivered? This simple service gives me more time to take care of other things around the house. It saves me from waiting in lines, and gives me greater opportunities to focus on things that I enjoy. I’ve learned to recognize that saving this time is important to me, and I no longer feel guilty about spending a few extra dollars for delivery. I know that I’m consciously *choosing* how I spend my time, and that feels great. Peapod is my BFF.

Getting my groceries delivered makes it easy for me to get what I want, when I need it. It also keeps me from aimlessly browsing aisles at the store, and ultimately walking home with more than I need. (Seriously, 5 kinds of cheese in one trip? I can’t be alone on this one.) 

Whether it’s getting groceries delivered, or hiring a cleaning service, these little conveniences can often have a big impact on our time and space. They can ease stress. They can help you find more time to unwind.

This week, think about a household chore that’s been dragging you down. How can you make it easier on yourself? Can you offload this task? Or share it with your roommate or partner? How you can get creative about it?

Leave suggestions below.


4 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Rethink How You Get Your Groceries

  1. Lou says:

    PREACH!! A couple years ago, I decided to “splurge” on some self-care during my busy season at work, and hired a housecleaning service. I felt VERY self-conscious (bougie is exactly the word I used!) mentioning it to others at first, but I got over that pretty quickly, and happily kept the service long after my most-busy time of year had passed. First of all, I have ALWAYS hated cleaning, and like you said – I have better ways to spend my precious at-home time! It was totally worth the $75/month to have that PERMANENTLY off my to-do list, instead of always looming over me.


    • Dana Malone, CPC, ELI-MP says:

      Hooray for no more looming! Like you said, your time is precious. Sounds like a great decision that’s been benefiting you every month!


  2. Saba says:

    I agree! I have a house cleaner and sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t think I’m one of “those” people. But it really helps with having your home be a haven rather than a stressful place.


    • Dana Malone, CPC, ELI-MP says:

      Yes! Great point– your home *is* your haven!

      I totally hear you on feeling like these services are somehow for ‘those’ people. These sort of beliefs can shape our decisions. Good for you for making a choice that’s helping make your life less stressful.


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