Nothing Says #MidweekMotivation Like the Olympic Games

Have you been watching the Olympic games, too? I get sucked in every time. And really, nothing inspires like the Olympics–seeing so many people in one place pursuing their dreams and giving it their all.

There’s no doubt that it takes an incredible amount of determination, hard work and confidence to make it to the world’s stage. And although we may not all be Olympians (or heck, athletes, even) these same traits and practices can be applied to your strengths as well.

Take a look at some quotes from famous Olympians and you’ll notice a recurring theme– the ability to envision greatness. To block out the haters. To truly dream big.

GABBY DOUGLAS never give up 8.10.16

Do you have a goal that you’ve been keeping quiet? A big dream that you’re worried might be too big?

Channel your inner Olympian today. Envision success. Really let yourself see what achieving your dream will look like. Commit to making a sincere effort to bring that goal to life.


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