How to Rock a Success Mindset

8.24.16 Celebrate success blog

Do you celebrate your successes? I’m talking beyond the milestones here.

Most of us tend to find ourselves waiting for The Next Big Thing to declare it worthy of celebrating.

Here’s the thing– celebrating successes is actually a way to cultivate *more* success.


Yes! When you tell yourself, “I am successful” on the regular, you’re building up your confidence and self-belief. Meanwhile, if you downplay your successes, or think that successful things only for other people, then you’re pushing it away.

If this sounds a little too out there for you, think about that friend who says she’s following The Signs to make her decision (and we all have one!). Ever notice that this person *does* in fact find signs? Well, some would argue that what you’re seeking is what you will find. This same idea works with success. The more that you can learn to recognize your small successes on the path to a big goal, the easier it will be to keep moving forward. You’ll keep seeing more and more things to keep you motivated as your cultivate your success mindset (Sounds fancy, right? Get it, girl).

Remember, celebrations don’t only have to be for birthdays, holidays or team wins. It’s the celebrations of life in general that are important, the little wins.

As a coach, I help my clients identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Then, we work together to close that gap. Creating lasting change is hard work! Learning to identify your successes along the way to a larger goal will help you stay on track.

Have you been working hard at pursuing a goal? Ask yourself: what have I achieved this week that shows I’m on track? What have I learned recently that will help me move forward toward my goals?

Now go on and get celebratin’!



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