What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do


Overwhelm impacts everyone.

For me, the last week has definitely one of those times. Everyday has felt like a long day, with so many places to be and my brain stretched and pulled in so many different directions.

How do you stay organized when there’s so much going on?

For me, I recently went back to using a paper planner. (Paper? I know what a crazy idea right?)

While using an online calendar can be convenient, I found it difficult to use it for priority setting. I started using a paper organizer that I could color code, and better assess how I was using my time.

Getting organized is a key step to combating overwhelm, and it’s important to figure out a method of organization that works best for you.

When you’re disorganized and don’t have your priorities in mind, it’s easy to keep accepting invitations to do more and to get distracted from your larger goals. And I don’t just mean for work. I mean for life.

How do you really want to be spending your time? Who do you really want to be spending your time with? When your to-do list has no end in sight, the last thing that you need is to accept invitations that will drain you of the time and energy you need to devote to your goals.

This week if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take 10-15 minutes to look at your calendar and see how you’re really spending your time. Review what you see carefully, and think about how it  makes you feel. If there are appointments or events on your calendar that are giving you anxiety, it’s worth asking yourself why they have a place on your calendar. Use this time to get organized, and get clear on your priorities.

Taking time out to assess what you have scheduled is a helpful way to make sure that you’re spending your time most effectively.

Remember, if you don’t have clear priorities and you’re accepting all the invitations that come your way, you’re letting other people decided what’s important.


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