Prioritize Now for Less Stress This Holiday Season


Hard to believe that fall is already here! As we speed forward into year-end, the holiday season will soon be upon us (I know, dare I say it!). If you’re like most folks, a flurry of busy is about to come your way big time. From holiday parties to shopping for gifts to managing holiday stress, it can easily be a hectic time of year.

In this week’s Midweek Motivation, I want to help you prioritize. The more that you have your priorities in order, the easier it will be to plan for what’s coming your way.

I realize it may sound counter-intuitive, but a helpful way to prioritize is to write down everything you have to do. Seriously, everything. Get it all out there. Even the little things. While it may potentially feel a bit overwhelming to get it all out, once it’s on paper, you can take charge once you have all of the information in front of you. Seeing the tasks in front of you will make it easier to see 1) what’s actually on your plate and 2) if there’s anything on there that no longer interests you.

Give yourself some quiet space with no interruptions. Take 15 minutes and write it all down. We’re talking total brain dump-style. Next, cross off anything that gives you heartburn. Time to assess and see if it’s something really worth doing! From there, you can better prioritize.

Last month, I shared the importance of finding an organizational system that works for you, so put it to good use! (And if you’re having a tough time finding a system that works for you, coaching can help you determine what would be best–reach out!)

Get all of the activities on your calendar, because if they’re not scheduled, they’re less likely to happen. And, you’re less likely to overlook anything and wind up in a pinch. Take a few minutes to jot down any upcoming events through the end of the year, and avoid the stress of overbooking.

There’s a ton to do around the holiday season, so do the work ahead of time to stress less and live better now. Your future self will thank you for it.


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