8 Playlists for Focus and Chill

10.12 chill music blog.png

Music can not only entertain us, but it can have profound effects on our mood. When I’m working, I love to listen to relaxing music.

Just last week, I was working on event prep and the clock was ticking. My coworker commented on how much she liked what I was playing. That Calming Piano Music station really helped me stay grounded that day.

These days, everyone has a portable music player via their phone and music is streaming, why not ensure that you always have a calming playlist ready to go?

This week, I’m sharing a few of my favorite stations for finding calm in the busy work day. (Not an endorsement for any music supplier in particular, just some playlists that I’ve found to be personally enjoyable and would recommend.) Some of you have noted that better focus can be a challenge at work, and I hope that these songs can help with that, too.

For the morning:

  • Productive Morning, Spotify – Great for focusing on a project.
  • Coffeehouse Blend, Spotify – Chill background music while cleaning out that inbox.

And the afternoon:

  • Afternoon Acoustic, Spotify – A change in tone for afternoon projects
  • Daily Lift, Spotify – bad meeting? Get those good vibes back.

Early evening:

  • Indie Apartment Party, Google Play Music – Got some cleaning up to do around the house? Fold that laundry with a spring in your step.
  • Dancing With Myself, Google Play Music – Solid dinner prep jams that will have you dancing around the kitchen.

And time for sleep:

  • Acoustic Bedtime, Google Play Music – Ease into sleeptyime.
  • Calming Piano Music, Spotify – I love this station, generally, but it’s especially great for winding down in the evening.

Tell me, what are you favorite stations to bring on the chill?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, and happy listening!



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