One-on-One Coaching

My clients put in the work to creating lasting change in their lives, and I’m grateful to play a part in that process.

Working with Dana provided me with the encouragement I needed to help me improve my career and be more fulfilled at work. Dana helped me organize my thoughts, assess my current situation and create goals that I could actually achieve. The weekly homework assignments motivated me to make continuous progress toward my goal of finding satisfaction in my job and create a plan for my future career success. Dana is a great listener and her support allowed me to reflect on my current situation and see how I could improve myself.

-Rachel; Washington, DC

I wanted a coach because I knew I needed some help getting to where I want to be. I felt overwhelmed at work constantly, and I was also having trouble taking time outside of work to focus on the things that would make me happier.

Through Dana’s coaching, I was able to reframe things. Her approach felt tailored to me, and she took the time to really listen and understand my thoughts and feelings. She was approachable and personable, even when the things we talked about were difficult. She asked good questions to help shift me into where I wanted to be.

Coaching with Dana was a great experience, and it’s helped me be kinder to myself about a lot of things. Since working with Dana, I’ve been much happier at work. I’ve been able to more effectively prioritize my work load, and I feel more relaxed. I’m able to do my job better. I’ve also improved my work-life balance, and I’ve been able to make time for side projects outside of work that I had wanted to do for a while.

-Kiley; New York, New York

Coach Dana brings so much skill, humor and intuition to each session. I appreciated Dana’s confidence and ability to hear what I was not saying. Dana’s coaching was motivating and left me feeling much more confident in myself, energized and excited about my life.

– Pam; Washington, DC

I loved my coaching sessions with Dana! Over the course of our sessions, she helped me discover the real motivations behind some of my behaviors. She helped me see that by identifying my motivations and being aware of them when I am making everyday choices, I am more likely to see when my choices are not in line with my overall personal goals. Dana showed me how to break down my big goals into smaller goals so that goal achievement actually seems do-able rather than daunting! She managed to prompt me and provide guidance while maintaining complete respect for my personal process. She is easy to talk with and genuinely cared about my growth. I absolutely recommend her if you are looking for a coach.

– Katie; Athens, GA

Dana is a supportive coach who listens hard and cares about you and your goals. Dana helped me by talking out my obstacles, and working with me to identify solutions to make accomplishing my goals easier. With Dana, I’ve developed more positive habits that have reduced my stress and made me more productive. I highly recommend working with her!

– Heather Marie; Washington, DC

Improv Facilitation & Instruction

My love of improv and the power of agreement deeply impacts my coaching vision. Read feedback from students and workshop participants:

Dana is fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of her work ethic, spirit and enthusiastic joy. She is encouraging and incredibly constructive as a[n improv] coach.

– Melissa; New York, New York

[Dana] has a wonderful way of encouraging her students to try new ways of doing things and coaching to identify areas for improvement in a nurturing way.

– Kim; Washington, DC

I can’t say more good things about Dana. Her wit and warmth are welcoming and help create a relaxed environment that foster[s] creativity and fun. Her easy going manner helps make even the most nerve-wracking exercises exciting instead of overwhelming. She is an incredibly skilled improviser that knows exactly how to play to your strengths while able to help in the areas you need work. Her support helped me push myself and gain more confidence in my abilities, improving my skills tenfold. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Dana has been a key part in my improv development–it’s a fact.

– Adriana; Washington, DC

Dana was an excellent improv teacher. She is thoughtful, committed and enthusiastic. The class was fun, creative and challenging. She provided the perfect balance of encouragement, feedback and constructive criticism. Throughout the class, I was supported, encouraged and challenged by her comments and instruction. Dana went above and beyond to help students.

– Brent; Washington, DC

Dana was highly supportive and provided thoughtful suggestions and meaningful feedback during and outside of class that will go a long way towards helping me improve my abilities as an improviser.

-Patrick; Washington, DC

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